Conditions of Use

By placing this order, I agree that I will sell all Wet-it! products at the set MAP pricing. I also agree to NOT sell any product bearing the brand of Wet-it!, Skrubba, or Wet’ N Scrub on any online platform (including Amazon, eBAY, Mercari, Poshmark) without prior written approval. I agree to NOT take any of the pictures on the Wet-it! a website without prior written approval. I agree to adhere to any and all payment terms on my account. I understand that I am responsible for any fees incurred from a late payment. I understand that no order/product can be returned for a refund without permission from Wet-it! employees. I understand that the shipping charges on my order will be calculated and added to this order total (unless there is a specified sale on shipping).

Wet-it! deserves the right to cancel all backorders under $25. All back orders $25 or over will be shipped to me automatically with free USPS shipping.